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Process Serving

We have a dedicated staff of registered and bonded professional process servers serving all of Southern California. We provide top quality, timely, and cost effective solutions for all your process needs from the routine to the most difficult of assignments. Daily updates by phone or email are always provided for all services included in your price.

Personal service of witnesses, defendants and judgement debtors and restraining orders. Subpoenas, summons and complaint, small claims, court orders, family law we do it all.

Witness fees are advanced and tendered when requested.

Court Services

Court services including document filing, case research, document copies, etc. We also provide full service for LA County Clerk Registrar Recorders office for all your real estate document needs.

Defendant/Witness Location

Having a difficult time locating an individual or witness that you need to serve legal documents to?

Speedy Process works with several different agencies to locate individuals, defendants, witnesses and companies. Prices for skip tracing and investigation vary on the degree of difficulty. Please call or email us for a price quote.

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